Average Labour Cost/Price to Fit/Hang/Install Sliding Patio Doors

To clarify the following prices it is recommended that you read the article in the INFORMATION box below the PRICES…

(These prices are based on a tradesman’s rate of £150.00 per day and a labourer if required at £100.00 per day. This includes the cost of buying and collecting any materials, dumping any waste if necessary and any incidental materials they will need. The minimum price will usually be for a half day)

How Much Does It Cost To Fit Sliding Doors?

sliding doors

Job 1
Replacing a broken 7’ square aluminium sliding patio door with a new UPVc one.
You will be charged for a days work…….£250.00, + the door....... £600.00, + incidental materials and tipping……£100.00, Total about…….

Job 2
You want to convert an existing window to a patio door by removing the brickwork underneath. The new door will be the same size as above.
This will take 2 men 3 days…….£750.00, door.…£600.00, materials and skip…..£300.00, Total about

Job 3
You want to create a completely new opening and fit the same sized door as above.
This will take 2 men 4 days…..£1000.00, door….£600.00, materials and skip…£500.00 Total about

Job 4
If you want to enlarge an existing door or window opening sideways and fit this same sized door. It will cost about the same as above


If you have to involve “planning”………..£150.00

If you have to involve “building regs”…………

If a structural engineer is needed ( to calculate the size of a new lintol)……

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A Price Guide and Information Sheet on the Cost of Fitting Sliding Patio Doors

These are made of PVCu or aluminium in my book so if you want some bespoke wooden stuff as part of your “Grand Designs” project, you’re going to be out of luck!

Right, let’s think of a scenario.

You want to replace existing ones

You want to convert a window.

You have a brick wall and you’d prefer it if it the garden was a fraction more accessible!

Let’s talk doors. They will be PVCu or possibly aluminium. They can be made in widths up to about 4m (13’). Normal height, including the frame being about 2.1m (7’). A “normal” patio door size, if there is such a thing is 2.1m x 2.1m. As they are usually fully glazed, this must be safety glass and as time (and greenhouse effects) progress, planning authorities will look less favourably upon them.

If they are replacements, no permissions are needed if fitted by “FENSA” registered installers. If not, “building regs”. will have to be informed.

If you intend to fit them into a space you want to open up below an existing window, planning permission
may be needed. Building Regs. will have to be involved though.

If you are creating a new opening, or extending an existing one sideways, both “planning” and “building regs.” will definitely have to be involved.

Planning restrictions are at best complicated, at worse farcical. We have articles on both them and building regulations, elsewhere on this site.

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