Painters and Decorators' Rates

Painter & Decorators Day Rates

painters and decorators day rates

Painter & Decorators Day Rates

The following DAY rates include and assume:

He has his own ladders (if he hasn’t- find someone else!)

No paint included in cost of day rate

Sandpaper, masking tape, filler etc NOT included

Good clean drop sheets to be provided

He provides his own vacuum. If he borrows yours, there WILL be arguments

Don’t tell him about drying time. He knows. No decorator will follow “4 hrs between coats” drying time for emulsion for example. If you really want that, expect to pay. (The truth is that alarm bells will ring in his head and he’ll be off like a frightened rabbit).

Make him a tea first thing every morning followed by one at 10am, one at midday and one at 2pm. It’s common courtesy and will go a long way to persuade him to doing those little extras for nowt.

Move all trinkets, books, lamps etc otherwise you will be paying him to do it

Prices for a Painter and Decorator

Good decorator with good experience (British/Polish/Australian etc) : £100.00 - £140.00.

this is for a well-established painter and decorator (at least over 25 yrs old!) who does this solely for a living

check references/insurance etc

High-end, super-experienced decorator: £140.00 - £160.00

this bloke will service the posh houses and know he will have ‘high-maintenance” customers and has priced accordingly

Excellent references. Just ask. In fact, he’ll show you.

Labourer/Eastern European unskilled without references but says he can paint £60.00 - £80.00

Don’t expect Turner’s “The Fighting Temeraire”.

Cheap and (usually) cheerful.

Think twice about accountability.

He won’t have insurance. That’s not just his car.





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