Average Cost/Price to Fit/Change a Yale Lock

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(These prices are based on a tradesman’s rate of £150.00 per day and a labourer if required at £100.00 per day. This includes the cost of buying and collecting any materials, dumping any waste if necessary and any incidental materials they will need. The minimum price will usually be for a half day)

How Much Does it Cost To Change a Yale Lock?

yale lock

Of all the small jobs I can think of around the house (that the average householder won’t feel confident attempting himself), this is about the easiest. “Changing the lock”, because you don’t know who has a key anymore (or maybe you DO know), doesn’t involve changing the
body of the lock, just the inside bit, called the barrel.


“Yale Type(new barrel)

It takes about 15 mins. And a new barrel and two keys cost about £7. So a locksmith will charge you about £60.00 then! You don’t need a locksmith though, I have a trained monkey who can do it!

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A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Replacing and Installing a Yale Lock

“Yale Type” (the whole lock)

So why change the whole of a “Yale type” lock? If it’s broken then OK, but putting a “bigger one” on won’t deter the bad lads and if the existing one is just loose, get some bigger screws put in it.

“Yale type” locks cost between £10 and £60 and they all do exactly the same job, they keep the door shut so that honest people can only get in with a key. Dishonest people however use less subtle approaches. They go around the back or they kick the door in. (£60 simply guarantees
two kicks instead of the regulation one). “Yale type” locks are easily kicked open because they are only screwed onto the frame and the door.

If you really want a bigger “Yale type” lock, there may be a problem. All “Yale types” require quite a large hole to be drilled through the door. This hole position may need to alter and the original one will have to be filled in. This may be necessary even if you fit a new lock by the same manufacturer. (Yale aren’t the only ones you know - you can get different types of Hoover as well, I believe!)

So lets assume a carpenter is needed. (He will be cheaper than a locksmith anyway).

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