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How Much Does Door/Window Ironmongery Cost To Replace?


A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Ironmongery

Traditionally used to describe the manufacture and sale of domestic iron goods and fixtures, ironmongery now also refers to products, items and components made from other metals, such as brass and aluminium. The term is also used frequently to describe products made from PVC and other plastics. Provided below is a guide to some of the major pieces of ironmongery found in the home.

Perhaps the most common piece of ironmongery used for domestic purposes is the door handle. Crafted from iron, brass or steel, door handles are useful for obvious reasons. High quality finishes such as polished brass, bronze or black iron offer exceptional durability and style. Aesthetically rich and structurally solid, ironmongery door handles are able to provide homes with a touch of opulence over significantly long periods of time.

In addition to door handles, iron and other high-quality metals are typically used in the construction of hinges, locks, bolts and latches.
A standard cast iron door lock can cost anything from £25, excluding installation costs. Thumbturn locks are especially popular for use in bathrooms and are usually made from brass or pewter, which is a particularly decorative metal featuring high anti-corrosion properties. Iron bathroom thumbturns are relatively simple to install and are priced from as little as £20.

Other major pieces of ironmongery used in the home include foldaway door systems, which can be installed in various places and comprise several types of product design. Perhaps the most basic or common type of foldaway door system is the facade sliding door unit, which is typically made from brass or satin aluminium. As its name suggests, the facade sliding door system comprises a concealed mechanism that facilitates the easy opening and closing of a 3 or 5-door unit.
Facade sliding door system packs can cost anything from under £350 to around £1,000 including delivery and installation.

Ironmongery is also used in bi-folding door packs, which have become an extremely popular addition to homes in the UK recently. Bi-folding doors are a modern alternative to patio doors or French windows. Priced from around £700 excluding
installation and delivery, bi-folding doors provide an abundance of style and convenience, especially for households requiring extra space or improved light. Bi-folding door packs are usually installed between the garden and living area, but can also be fitted to balconies, conservatories and extensions as well as internally.

Ironmongery is also integral to many high-end sliding door cabinet and wardrobe systems. PVC drawer systems typically offer consumers excellent value for money, while
metal sliding door components are priced from around £30. One of the more inventive examples of domestic ironmongery is the Hideaway pocket door frame, which is available in the form of a kit that can be installed by any competent builder or joiner. Priced from around £150 excluding installation, costs of which are likely to vary, the pocket door frame kit maximises living space by replacing traditional doors with doors that slide neatly into interior stud walls.

In summary, ironmongery is used extensively throughout the home, providing households with secure, long-lasting locks, stylish door handles, sturdy hinges and innovative space-saving technology. Ironmongery is especially useful in the production of Door Hardware kits, which might be used for bi-folding doors, sliding wardrobe door systems and so on.

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