A Guide to Preparing Your Property (House/Flat) For Selling

Top Tips on Preparing Your Property to Sell

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Preparing your Property

Did you know that selling in the spring and summer attracts higher prices?

Preparing your home for viewings is
absolutely vital. It will not only ensure your property is sold faster, but can potentially add thousands of pounds to its value.

Buyers generally
will be turned off by.... untidy clutter, smells, dirty rooms, garish or dingy colours, broken fittings etc. A lot of people won’t take into account the fact that almost none of the above will be there when they move in. The damage will be done, they won’t even consider your property!

It will pay serious dividends if you organise two weekends to sort things out. Send the kids to granny’s. Start early get it sorted out...

De clutter

Take this golden opportunity to have a
serious clear out. Take all the unused stuff that’s just lying around, to the tip. Put everything else that’s not vital to everyday life in the garage. Clear all the stuff from the top of the wardrobes and the twenty extra pairs of shoes on that rack in the bedroom.

Sorry, yes we are talking about your 200 piece collection of glass hedgehogs!

Hundreds of books in dingy cabinets need to go, you will never read them again. A few colourful coffee table books are all you need show off.

Get rid of
unnecessary (large) items of furniture, the extra armchair in the dining area, that table in the hall with just the mail on it.

Even consider dumping your old huge brown three piece suite which is far too big for the room. You can hire a much smaller one neutral colour one.

Light and Airy

Changing those twenty year old swirl pattern carpets for inexpensive neutral coloured ones may seem a bit drastic but a lot of buyers will be turned off completely by them.

Move the sofa away from the patio doors. Open the curtains fully, let people see and access the garden.

Suddenly the whole living space looks bigger.

Giving dark walls a fresh lick of neutral paint suddenly makes everything looks brighter.

Paint the front door that “green/mauve/grey” colour that is so trendy at the moment!

Change your pictures for inexpensive brightly coloured landscapes.

Put big single aromatic flowers in slender vases here and there on window sills and work surfaces. (You have removed all the occasional tables)!

Take the huge TV from the chimney breast. Replace it with a large plain mirror that will double the room size!

Hang a big mirror in the narrow hallway.

Create an attractive lifestyle even if you don’t have one, hopefully your viewers will want to buy into it!

Even unimaginative buyers will be sub-consciously registering what they will do when they move in!

Fix it

Make any minor repairs necessary – holes in walls, missing and broken light bulbs broken door knobs, cracked tiles etc.

Complete that DIY job you started six months ago.

Clean it up

Vinegar is a good antidote to cigarette smells. Place a saucer of it in each room and leave it for a week. When you open the windows its smell will disappear taking most of the cigarette smell with it

Bad smells are a huge turn off for viewers. Trying to mask them may not work, sort out the problem. Clear out drains, wash rubbish bins, air the kitchen, remove sofas smelling of cigarettes, and wash any teenage boy’s grimy bed sheets.

Smelly dogs are much harder to mask though!

You may not be aware of these smells, get a truthful friend in and ask them honestly what they think!

Clean everything, particularly the windows until they sparkle, re wax those wooden floors.

Tidy up the garden, prune the bushes, power wash the patio, clean the furniture, and cut the lawn. This won’t necessarily add value but the garden is an important space. Ignore it at your peril.

Vital Areas

Put contemporary doors and handles on all the kitchen units.

Declutter the kitchen surfaces and just leave out a bowl of fruit, a beautiful cookery book and a vase of flowers.

In the bathroom, get rid of lime scale, clean the grout, get rid of all odours, paint over or try and mask condensation stains and damp patches, hang up fresh towels.

Remove the piles of toilet rolls, pills, medicines, tooth brushes, ugly soap dishes, underarm sprays.

Final Touches

If it’s cold, turn the heating up! Light your fire if you have one. Make your home feel warm and inviting.

Make sure the windows all have blinds or curtains. Stark windows are not a good look at all

Coffee brewing, something baking in the oven - cakes, not a fish pie! Aromas such as these will leave your viewer with a warm affection for your home.

Insist that your estate agent, the expert, shows potential buyers your property. It’s their job to know what things to bring to buyers attention and what to gloss over.

If you have a large garden, why not consider getting planning permission for a new build and increase your asking price accordingly?

A Guide To The Process of Buying/Selling a Home/House/Flat