A Beginner's Guide to Garage Conversions

All You Need To Know About Converting a Garage…

garage conversions

Garage Conversions….. the First Steps.

I can see your garage from here!

It’s chock full of bikes your kids will never use again, (or are you keeping them for your grandchildren?) And that surfboard you made when you were18!

Then there’s all those stored bits of wood that might come in useful one day…….Which day?

Chuck it out

So, there’s the cheap option for you……. “Skip” all the rubbish and put the car away, if it will fit in that is.

And use the space properly...

Option two is turn the garage into a room. Everyone and his dog absolutely must have a home office these days and an underused integral or adjoining garage is just made for the job.

Converting your garage is cheaper than building an
extension or converting the loft. A double adjoining or integral garage need only have it’s nearest half converted so you can still have a garage to fill up with rubbish when your finished!

Building Control

We always assume that you are working in conjunction with building control, ie not getting Roy Rodgers and Jay Silverheels (you have to be 60 I'm afraid), to do it at weekends.
Therefore all processes are followed correctly and legally, such as ensuring continuity between DPM and DPC's etc. (sorry, bit too technical, I'll stop now before you eyes glaze over)!

And Finally

When the building work is eventually finished……There's floating wooden flooring, "home office" furniture, that gym equipment you'll never use, a drum kit and 8,000 quid's worth of home cinema equipment to install?