A Guide to Cost/Price of Building a House/Home Extension (Design, Build and Planning)

All You Need To Know About Planning an Extension…

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Decisions, Decisions

You've decided you want an extension but you don't know how much it should cost?What are the preliminary processes? Where can I find information about the construction?

We, at
The Building Sheriff, are professional builders and between us we have built more extensions than you can wave a building inspector's clipboard at.

What You Need To Know

We make a living doing this and, at the very basic level you have to know how to price an extension in order to get the job and have it run efficiently. The building process it vital, but from YOUR point of view, as you debate the pros and cons of that potential extension you need to know THREE things:

1. How much are local builders quoting for your job
2. Are the prices/quotes you receive realistic?
3. Can you afford it?

All three of the above points refer to one thing - MONEY. And what you need in order to spend your hard-earned money wisely is an independent, unbiased benchmark for how much your extension should cost.

extension cost calculator
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You've come to the right place - the Extension Cost Calculator (see map) will give you a costing based on your location and design of your extension - it works, we developed it to simplify our quotation process and have ended up building a website around it!

We hope you find it useful.

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The Building Sheriff

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