About The Building Sheriff

 Before you read anything on this site, let’s get a few things straight.

Paul Puccioni

Every bit of this site has been written by builders, old builders at that. Men who were belted with the buckle end as children, whose mothers wore pinnies and then turbans when their hair needed washing, men who were made to eat all their dinners by Gestapo dinner ladies and while we’re on the subject, still think Germans wear pointed helmets.
We may be perceived as being sexist, but if that means we walk on the outside of pavements as well as open doors for ladies and do the buying, fetching and carrying on Sunday night when we (reluctantly) take the wife to the pub, then perhaps we are. However we consider that we were brought up in a time of RESPECT.
While we were writing the site, we assumed only blokes would be reading it. Since it’s been written, our wives have read it, told us that we are narrow minded bigots, withheld our conjugal rights until we mend our ways. One of us now sleeps in his shed, he is our leader, we love him, he is a man amongst men!
chris jowett

Chris Jowett

We have been putting up with building problems for 30 years and now it’s time to get our own back. So if we talk to you like you know absolutely nothing, take the mickey out of you, assume you are a sad hen pecked excuse for a man, it’s only to deflect that same horrible reality from ourselves.

Don’t be too hard on us, you are after all getting all this free. And, in truth, we don’t really mean it; we are blokes as well and it’s a two way thing. We know absolutely nothing about double entry bookkeeping or whatever it is you do to pay your mortgage.
And if we mix up imperial and metric measurements or sometimes don’t give the metric equivalent of a length of whatever, it’s because we can’t be bothered. You work it out.
When we price things up we assume daily rate of a tradesman and his labourer.
mark campbell

Mark Campbell 

Actually we have to say this, everyone apparently has a book in them, well this is ours and we’re proud of it. We sincerely hope you have fun reading it all and possibly even learn a thing or two. We didn’t write it for you at all, it’s all been about feeding our over inflated egos and hopefully in time, keeping a bunch of old dog builders in the lap of luxury in our fast approaching dotage.

The Building Sheriff, (aka Paul Puccioni) is a university educated builder who has been working across the UK for the past 25 years. Has worked with his grizzled Deputy, Chris Jowett and his school-mate Mark Campbell, since 1984 when Chris - an old man even then, employed Paul and Mark during as virtual slave labour and committed them both to a lifetime of digging holes, hanging off roofs and generally working their fingers to the bone for scant reward.
Paul made regular appearances on GMTV and radio as a "Building Expert" and now contributes to numerous publications.

Deputy Chris Jowett lives in Wensleydale in North Yorkshire where he continues to work and write as well as eating quite a bit. He would like to live his life as if everyone in the world had just drunk three pints of "Black Sheep" bitter (excluding minors, of course!) Usually it's just him and that bloke in the corner of the pub who talks to himself.

Deputy Mark Campbell works with Paul as jobbing (but very fine builders), he lives in the same road as Paul, their children go to the same school and they are both a size 32" waist. Spooky.